Visitor Management System

Security & System

✓ 100% PDPA-compliant

✓ Cloud-hosted browser-based solution [Enterprise Edition]

✓ Fully complies with the Multi-Tiered Cloud Security [MTCS] Reference Implementation

✓ Standalone desktop system [Standard Edition]

✓ Industrial-grade encryption is applied to all data stored on the enterprise and standard editions

✓ Available for both the Windows-PC and Android tablet environments

✓ Integration with external access controls [eg. turnstiles, gates, doors, barrier arms, etc]

✓ Integration with 3rd-party applications via Web API

✓ Fully customisable to user’s requirements as a professional service

Visitor Registration & Management

✓ Unified multi-site & multi-gate visitor management

✓ Self-service registration kiosk with facial recognition support

✓ Supports other biometric methods [eg. fingerprint scan, etc]

✓ Supports barcode scan of official IDs [eg. government-issued ID, driver’s licence, etc]

✓ Supports operator-assisted manual capture of visitor profile

✓ Check-outs using methods different from initial matriculation

✓ Auto-population of key details for repeat visitors

✓ Printing of visitor labels on thermal printers with custom logo

✓ Role-based secure multi-user remote access to management portals

✓ Generation of visitor logs with consolidated multi-entry access points integration

✓ Viewing and export of comprehensive visitor logs