RIS Consultancy works with small-medium to large companies in Reading and globally providing security consultancy and investigations. We will help you to understand the risks and provide you with tailor-made security solutions to mitigate the risks. Our bespoke services are specifically catered to businesses through a holistic approach to ensure that the solutions are cost-effective to our clients.

We have international expertise and we can assist businesses at any time whether on a short term or long term basis. We can provide threat intelligence outside the public domain through various sources that we have internationally in order to assist our clients during a crisis situation.



RIS Consultancy has the expertise to provide security risk assessments for organisations around the UK and globally. We will also review the existing security plan to ensure that the plan meets the current threat levels.  We will also review the internal process to ensure that the security arrangement in place meets the current security threats.

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RIS Consultancy has the expertise to assist organisations with the security planning of the events through conducting a risk assessment to ensure the safety and security of the visitors.

RIS Consultant will assess vulnerabilities to the facility and advise the event management organisation to take appropriate actions to reduce the risks. Through engaging with internal and external stakeholders and training of the organisers ensuring the safety and security of the event,

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Protecting organisational assets it is important to ensure that losses are minimised through conducting a risk assessment mitigating risks for all critical assets. RIS Consultancy will conduct risks assessments and assist business with physical security planning to mitigate risks. Our assessment will analyse each asset, identify the type of threat and the risks strategy to ensure that the assets are protected. 

Tall Buildings


RIS Consultancy has the expertise to advise our clients on the health and safety-related issues at the workplace whether small or large business. It is a legal requirement for a business to adhere to the health and safety regulations at the workplace. Failing to adhere to the health and safety regulations, can cost business reputational damages through litigation and fines by the health and safety regulatory bodies.

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RIS Consultancy based in Reading has the expertise in setting up quality management systems for security businesses such as ISO18788, ISO 9001, ISO 3100 and PCS1. We will help you set up the process, procedures and training your employees to ensure that you achieve certification. Also, we can help companies around the world to achieve certification.



RIS Consultancy provides physical penetration services for businesses within the UK and around the world. Our team will test your current security measures in place to ensure that it mitigates the risks. We will attempt to bypass the security systems through unauthorised access into the building and offices to evaluate the effectiveness of the security controls and employee awareness.

Physical Penetration Testing


RIS Consultancy have the expertise to provide strategic crisis management to the organisation to ensure that the organisation is able to prepare for crisis and return to its normal operations.

We will create a crisis management framework, train the crisis management team, prepare reports for the C-suite and procedures as well as creating a business continuity plan for your business.

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RIS Consultancy has the expertisein the UK and around the globe to provide counter terrorism consultancy for corporations. Terrororism threats has become complex and sophisticated. We will provided training to organisations and procedures to be able to mitigate the risks and preventative measures. We have designed and conducted training through our global partners.

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RIS Consultancy has the expertise in the design and delivery of loss prevention strategy for various businesses whether retail, warehousing or manufacturing. We will conduct an assessment of the process, physical security and conduct training of your employee to ensure that losses are prevented which in return improve your profits.  Also, we can conduct test purchases to identify areas of poor compliance and provide recommendations. Moreover, we have investigative services for clients that have suffered losses internationally.

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RIS Consultancy has expertise in conducting port facility risk assessments and security plan in Africa and the Middle East. In addition, RIS Consultancy has been able to provide security officers for offshore security for Oil and Gas facility. Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge in providing maritime security advisory services. Moreover, we are able to assist vessels with emergency evacuation and risk management services upon request.

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RIS Consultancy provides the guard attendance system for security companies to improve operational accountability, effectiveness and efficiency. In addition, we can provide visitors management system in compliance with the COVID19 for facilities in the United Kingdom and around the globe.

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Global experts with significant experience in the field.


Customer focus oriented and aiming to add value to each project to our clients.


We will deliver a timely report at the end of each project with recommendations for improvements.


We understand each client is different and we will specifically cater our services to meet the need of our clients.


We assess each problem differently and provide holistic solutions.


We aim to provide a return on investment to our clients as we understand the economic challenges.


We are innovative and always researching for new solutions when new threats arise.