RIS Consultancy has the expertise to provide security manpower in Tanzania (both in the mainland and islands) in the following sectors hospitality, not for profit organisations, diplomatic, manufacturing, aviation, distribution, oil and gas, mining, maritime, agriculture, real estate, logistics and retail. Our security team are trained to the international standards and vetted in accordance with the BS 7858. Security officers 


We will ensure full transparency before deployment and throughout the contract. Our team will be monitored 24/7 whilst on site with the guard attendance system and regular visitations whilst on site. You will have dedicated personnel who will oversee your contract throughout and for any related issues, we will ensure that prompt response is provided. The team will be issued with body-worn cameras and in case of any unforeseen events, the cameras will be used to interrogate the nature of the incident and provide the client with the report.

Whilst in the country we can utilise a team of consultancy to provide support with security-related issues.


RIS Consultancy has the capability to supply concierge security and the officers are trained in security to control the access of visitors into the building as well as having awareness on terrorism and health and safety of the premises. Moreover, we can deploy a visitor management system to monitor visitors appointment and management whilst in the facility.



RIS Consultancy provides COVID19 marshals to assist and advise the client with the prevention of the infection as well as to ensure compliance with the legislation. The marshals can assist with checking of temperature before entering the facility.



RIS Consultancy provides security drivers who are internationally trained to provide security and safety to the clients. They are trained to improve their security awareness and prevent risks to the client. The drivers are also first aid trained.



RIS Consultancy has the expertise in the provision of security officers in East Africa and the officers are being trained to the international standards in crime prevention, loss prevention, asset protection, terrorism awareness, health and safety, COVID19 awareness and crisis management. Our officers are monitored 24/7 through a guard attendance system and supervised by a team that can respond to any incident at short notice. We focus on customer care and a dedicated manager will be provided for the contract to oversee the security-related issues.

Security Officer