Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Are you planning to travel abroad soon? Here are the things you need to do before travelling;

1. Check country risk report for the country you are travelling to.

2. Purchase travel insurance including medical for emergency evacuation as without insurance the cost of medications can be significant.

3. Ensure you take vaccinations and check medical recommendations for the country you are travelling.

4. Check with your bank if you can use your cards abroad and ensure that you do not take so much cash as you could be targeted. Other banks arrange travel bank cards which you can use abroad.

5. Ensure your travel documents are up to date and there are at least three to six blank pages. Check visa requirements for the country you are travelling with the embassy and have sufficient cash to pay for visas on arrival. If travelling alone with children ensure you have the authority for travelling with minors.

6. If you are ill or prescribed medication, check with the country travelling whether the limit and type of medication accepted in the country.

7. Check if you are required to drive and apply for an international driving permit. Make sure you hire a vehicle from an approved company or arrange for a meet and greet from the hotel or a security provider.

8. Only stay at referred hotels and contact the hotels prior to arrival to check the security arrangements. Only stay in the 2nd or 4th floor for security reasons.

RIS consultancy provides travel risk management for international travellers, contact us for more details.

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