Updated: Apr 22, 2021

What to do during a robbery?

  1. Keep calm.

  2. Do not attempt to escape.

  3. Do not attempt to fight the robbers or locking them inside.

  4. Comply with robbers demands.

  5. Give up money or valuable items.

  6. Always assume there is a weapon even if you don’t see it.

  7. Do not argue with the robbers. and speak only when spoken.

  8. Take note of their descriptions to give it to the police later.

  9. Note the directions when they leave and vehicle registration number.

  10. If you have a silent panic button, press it to alert the robbers. Make sure that the robbers do not see you pressing it.

  11. Try and not to look into the robbers’ eyes.

  12. Raise your hand above your head so they can see it.

  13. If you have a weapon do not try to use it unless you are fully trained as the weapons can be used to harm you by the robbers.

  14. If the robbers demand to lie down, do so and without hesitation.

  15. If robbers attempt to take you as a hostage, you can attempt to resist as you may have lower chances of surviving.

What to do after a robbery?

  1. Call the police immediately after the robbers have left.

  2. Do not chase the robbers.

  3. Assist with first aid for those injured.

  4. Write down the items have been stolen by the robbers.

  5. Preserve the scene until the police have arrived.

  6. Provide a witness statement to the police and comply with the police investigations.

  7. Secure any evidence and CCTV evidence for the police.

  8. Seek counselling as this can have a psychological effect on you.

RIS consultancy provides training for individuals and businesses on security awareness. Contact us for further enquiries.

Our training involves the followings:

  1. Keeping a low profile during the robbery.

  2. Cooperation.

  3. Observing body language.

  4. Controlling your own body. language.

  5. Coping skills.

  6. Statement writing and memory recognition.

We can also prepare a risk assessment for your premises and procedures for deterrent and detection of an incident.

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