Updated: May 12, 2021


Summer holidays have approached and everyone is busy planning where they will be staying while on holiday and busy shopping and arranging for travel insurance. However, we are forgetting our houses whether they will be safe and secure when we get back.

We get too excited planning our next destination leaving behind our valuable and precious house and contents that we will be coming back to after the holiday.


Case studies suggest that during the summer and Christmas holidays burglary go up and your holiday will end being expensive when you return unless you take security measures to prevent it. Burglars do conduct their research and with the increase of the use of social media where we post everything on our status, it is only a matter of time before your house is broken.

Moreover, we tend to live our television on or light on throughout thinking it will deter the potential adversary, but this will point to them that the occupants are away.

Not cancelling your deliveries such as milk or newspapers and items left outside your house, is an indication that you are away.

Depending on whether you have good neighbours and trusting them, telling them that you are travelling will help to watch your house while you are away. But we tend not to tell our neighbours that we are travelling and anything goes wrong with your house, you will not be able to know.

Even with the security coverage such as an auto alarm and security guard, we don’t inform the security company and the security guard will collude to break into your premises while you are away. Also, a hired maid or a gardener should be given a holiday too as giving her the key or allowing her to stay in the house while you are away is asking for problems as case studies suggest that maids have been conspiring with burglars to steal while occupants are away.

Houses have been caught on fire or flooded because gas and electricity has been left on and due to the heat houses have caught fires as well as not forgetting to switch off the water.

Vehicles have been stolen without houses been broken due to keys been left near the door or vehicles doors have not been closed.

Uncleared waste or garbage is another indication that occupants are away and this may prompt a sign for a potential adversary to approach the house.

Closed or open curtains is an indication that you are away.

Preventative Measures

  • Ensure you have coverage on your building and content insurance for your house.

  • Carry out a security risk assessment or ask a security company for security improvement.

  • Check out all your doors and windows locks are functioning properly. Install extra locks for target hardening.

  • Check out your perimeter and ensure that there are no trees or branches that can support the potential adversary to climb over.

  • Install an automatic alarm system connected to a security company if you can afford it.

  • Install a CCTV system and connect it to your phone which you can view your house while away.

  • Install motion sensor lights on the outside of your house for deterrent.

  • Organise with a facility services company for gardening and cleaning of the house rather than leaving a maid or gardener in your house while away.

  • Install auto-timer lights inside your house.

  • Ensure all electrical switches and gas are switched off for fire prevention.

  • Ensure smoke detectors inside the house are working before you leave.

  • Cancel any deliveries to your address while you are away.

  • DO NOT post any pictures on your social media showing that you are on holiday and your itinerary.

  • Inform your good neighbours to watch and give them your contact number or who they can contact in case of an emergency.

  • If you have any pets arrange with the pet care home or friends or family to take care of your pet.

  • Do leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour, friend or member of a family in case of an emergency.

  • Do keep secure your vehicle keys and important documents in a safe and ensure you have copies elsewhere.

  • Ensure all your vehicles are fitted with immobiliser and alarm and are secured before you leave.

  • Ensure that rubbish or garbage has been cleared before your departure.


We all wanted to have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday knowing that when the holiday is over, we will be going back to our safe and secure house. It is paramount to plan for both your home security and holiday security before you leave for your holiday ensuring that you have a relaxing holiday.

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