RIS Consultancy will conduct a risk assessment for your premises to ensure that your security is up to the standard and it is not exposed to any risks. We can assist businesses in Reading and surrounding areas. In addition, we have experienced consultants who are ready to assist internationally.


We can carry out penetration testing to ensure that your premises can mitigate any threats and provide you with the report to improve any areas identified at risk. Threats levels are ever-changing and your security plan must be able to mitigate the risks. Our assessment will include:

  • Access Control

  • Perimeter Security

  • Crime Prevention Measures

  • Assets Protection

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • CCTV Surveillance

  • Emergency Procedures

  • Security Guard Functions

  • Processes and Procedures

We help organisations with security programme design whether your business wants to improve security and implement changes. We can assist in recommending security technologies to install which will enhance your security environment and mitigate any risks.

RIS Consultancy will identify any security technologies to mitigate any risks for return on investment (ROI).


Visitor Management System

Security & System

✓ 100% PDPA-compliant

✓ Cloud-hosted browser-based solution [Enterprise Edition]

✓ Fully complies with the Multi-Tiered Cloud Security [MTCS] Reference Implementation

✓ Standalone desktop system [Standard Edition]

✓ Industrial-grade encryption is applied to all data stored on the enterprise and standard editions

✓ Available for both the Windows-PC and Android tablet environments

✓ Integration with external access controls [eg. turnstiles, gates, doors, barrier arms, etc]

✓ Integration with 3rd-party applications via Web API

✓ Fully customisable to user’s requirements as a professional service

Visitor Registration & Management

✓ Unified multi-site & multi-gate visitor management

✓ Self-service registration kiosk with facial recognition support

✓ Supports other biometric methods [eg. fingerprint scan, etc]

✓ Supports barcode scan of official IDs [eg. government-issued ID, driver’s licence, etc]

✓ Supports operator-assisted manual capture of visitor profile

✓ Check-outs using methods different from initial matriculation

✓ Auto-population of key details for repeat visitors

✓ Printing of visitor labels on thermal printers with custom logo

✓ Role-based secure multi-user remote access to management portals

✓ Generation of visitor logs with consolidated multi-entry access points integration

✓ Viewing and export of comprehensive visitor logs