RIS Consultancy has expertise in conducting port facility risk assessments and security plan in Africa and the Middle East. In addition, RIS Consultancy has been able to provide security officers for offshore security for Oil and Gas facility. Our experts have extensive experience and knowledge in providing maritime security advisory services. Moreover, we are able to assist vessels with emergency evacuation and risk management services upon request.

Services provided are:

  • Port Facility Risk Assessment

We conduct a risk assessment for businesses planning to operate within the port area and identify the risks to ensure that the business mitigates the risks in accordance with the International and Ship Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).

  • Ship/Port Security Plan

We provide a security plan for port or ship ensuring that it identifies areas of threat and the plan meets the current and future threats.


  • Systems Design and Installation

We design security systems for new and existing port facility ensuring that the system is integrated and able to mitigate security risks. We can also conduct penetration testing for facilities to ensure that the system in place and security plan is able to mitigate the current security threats. We continuously research new systems that able to mitigate current risks and advise our clients.​

  • Intelligence Reports

We have a network of security experts around the world who can provide immediate assistance and intelligence reports. We have local contacts especially in the countries that we operate that can assist in case of an emergency and liaise with local experts. In addition, through our open source intelligence expertise we can provide timely information for events and disseminate this to our clients.​

  • Security Awareness Training

We provide security training to staff working in the facility or vessel to prepare them for any unforeseen events and we conduct a review of security training by the current provider to ensure that the training is up to date. Our security awareness training will mental situational awareness, preventative kidnapping and responding to active shooter incident.

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  • Vulnerability Risk Assessment

  • Security Plan

  • Systems Design and Installations

  • Intelligence Reports

  • Security Awareness Training


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