RIS Consultancy has the expertise to advise our clients on the health and safety-related issues at the workplace whether small or large business. It is a legal requirement for a business to adhere to the health and safety regulations at the workplace. Failing to adhere to the health and safety regulations, can cost business reputational damages through litigation and fines by the health and safety regulatory bodies.

We can reassure you of peace of mind when you consult us to provide you with our Health and Safety at work so you can concentrate on other important business matters.

RIS Consultancy provides the following services:

Competent Person

RIS Consultancy assigned as a competent person for your business to identify hazards and be able to advise on the controls measures to be implemented to reduce the risks.​​​

Health and Safety Policy

It is a requirement of the health and safety act for the business to have a health and safety policy. We will help you prepare a health and safety policy for your business and review your existing health and policy to ensure that it meets the current health and safety regulations.

Risk Assessment

The law states that it is the responsibility of the business to protect its employees and others from harm. It is the requirement of the business to identify hazards that could cause injury or illnesses, risks that could cause serious harm and take immediate action to prevent anyone from being harmed.

We will assist you by undertaking a risk assessment and provide you with a report. We will assess the risks and provide recommendations on the measures to implement to reduce the risks.

Accident Investigation

Workplace accidents cost businesses money and productivity. It is a requirement of the law that every accident whether small or big it is reported and investigated. We will assist you in carrying out an investigation on the accident at work and provide recommendations for the prevention and reduction of future accidents.

Other Services provided are:

  • Emergency Action Plans

  • Fire Prevention Plans

  • Preventing Workplace Violence

  • Fleet Safety Management

  • Safety Management System Evaluations

  • Provision of PPE

  • OSH Training