Security & System

✓ SGEMS fully complies with the Multi-Tiered Cloud Security [MTCS] Reference Implementation

✓ Industrial-grade encryption is applied to all SGEMS data stored on the cloud

✓ SGEMS provides a unified and remote view of all activities in multi-site deployments

✓ Create unlimited site facility-type and assignment of sites to specific geo-sectors

✓ Role-based secure multi-user access ensures that data is viewable only by the credentialed parties

✓ SGEMS is available on the Windows PC and Android smartphone environments

✓ Real-time broadcast of notifications [eg. emergency alerts, warnings, etc]

✓ Scheduled announcements [eg. a reminder of events, birthdays, etc]

✓ Integration with 3rd-party applications via Web API

✓ Fully customisable to user’s requirements as a professional service

Guard and Attendance Management

Full capture of guard’s profile

✓ Deployment of guards at preferred geo-sectors & facility-type

✓ Comprehensive guards’ rostering management [assign & swap]

✓ In-app check-in & check-out

  1. Biometric scan with facial recognition support

  2. ID barcode scan

  3. NFC scan of PLRD card

  4. Manual entry

✓ Export of time & attendance data to 3rd-party payroll applications

Patrol and Incident Management

✓ Create & edit multiple patrol checkpoints

✓ Rearrange checkpoints for any defined patrol routes

✓ Assign identifiable images for every checkpoint

✓ Post and edit specific patrol instructions for each checkpoint

✓ Scan clocking-points using NFC or QR Codes

✓ Capture the actual time of clocking-point scanning

✓ Go Paperless! In-App incident reporting

✓ Captured photos can be edited and attached to the incident report

✓ Incident reports are submitted in real-time to management upon in-app submission

  • Guard Attendance and Management

  • Patrol and Incident Management

  • Dashboard and Reporting

  • Visitor Management


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Dashboard and Reporting

✓ SGEMS provides a bird’s-eye view of

important real-time statistics using dashboards

✓ Auto-generation of pre-built reports for Outcome-Based Contract [OBC] reporting

✓ Granular data is available for additional custom reporting

Visitor Management

✓ 100% PDPA-compliant

✓ Auto-population of key details for repeat visitors

✓ Visitor logs with seamless multi-entry access points integration

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