RIS Consultancy provides crisis management services to assist organisations to review their current crisis management plan and policies, crisis management team, business continuity and tabletop exercises.

We have the expertise to provide strategic crisis management to the organisation to ensure that the organisation is able to prepare for crisis and return to its normal operations.

We will create a crisis management framework, train the crisis management team, prepare reports for the C-suite and procedures as well as creating a business continuity plan for your business.

The crisis is unexpected and you must be prepared to ensure that your business can survive and withstand any crisis. Our experts are fully qualified internationally and have expertise in creating and training crisis management plan for organisations worldwide.

Our services include:

  • Review of the existing crisis management plan

  • Prepare emergency and response plan for a security incident

  • Review of current business continuity plan that meets current security threat levels

  • Identify and train crisis management team of crisis management

  • Conduct tabletop exercises for the response of a crisis

  • Identify current crisis communication plan


  • Crisis Management Plan

  • Emergency Response Plan

  • Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Crisis Communication Plan

  • Crisis Management Training


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