Individuals and businesses are facing a threat of terrorism worldwide, Whether a threat from an active shooter, suicide bombing or improvised or vehicle improvised device, it is important that threats are understood for prevention.

Threat Assessment

We can carry out a threat assessment of your premises to ensure that the risks of terrorism are mitigated.

Emergency Plan

We will help with preparing the emergency plan in case of terrorism and train the employees through drills.

Contingency Plan

We will assist you in preparing the contingency plan and continuity plan in case of an attack to ensure the business returns to normal.

Hostile Reconnaissance Training

We can train employees and the security team on hostile reconnaissance training to mitigate risks and gather intelligence.

Country Security Reports

We will provide specific country reports for our clients for advance preparation and understand security risks in the country before conducting business or travel.

Other services provided are:

  • Active shooter awareness training

  • Bomb threat and procedures awareness training

  • Terrorism awareness training


  • Threat Assessments

  • Emergency Plan

  • Hostile Recoinnance Training

  • Specific Country Security Reports


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