RIS Consultancy works with small-medium to large companies in Reading and globally providing security consultancy and investigations. We will help you to understand the risks and provide you with tailor-made security solutions to mitigate the risks. Our bespoke services are specifically catered to businesses through a holistic approach to ensure that the solutions are cost-effective to our clients.

We have international expertise and we can assist businesses at any time whether on a short term or long term basis. We can provide threat intelligence outside the public domain through various sources that we have internationally in order to assist our clients during a crisis situation.

Security Risk Management Capabilities

  • Security Risk Assessments

  • Security Plan

  • Risk Management Plan

  • Security Design and Project Management

  • Security Management and Structuring of Security Operations

  • Loss Prevention

Asset Protection

Protecting organisational assets it is important to ensure that losses are minimised through conducting a risk assessment mitigating risks for all critical assets. RIS Consultancy will conduct risks assessments and assist business with physical security planning to mitigate risks. Our assessment will analyse each asset, identify the type of threat and the risks strategy to ensure that the assets are protected. Moreover, we will advise the client to protect assets through crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED).

RIS Consultancy can provide clients with asset protection solutions through 24/7 live tracking on personnel and assets around the world and designing emergency procedures for the assets.

Loss Prevention

Businesses lose their products through not having an appropriate loss prevention strategy which consequently cost businesses their profit.  We will review the internal process and conduct a risk assessment to assess the loss within your organisation and provide you with a detailed report with recommendations to improve and prevent future loss. Moreover, we will identify crime prevention strategies for your business to implement to prevent any loss and train your employees on the internal process to prevent any loss.

RIS Consultancy has international expertise in the design and delivery of loss prevention strategy for various businesses whether retail, warehousing or manufacturing. We will conduct an assessment of the process, physical security and conduct training of your employee to ensure that losses are prevented which in return improve your profits.  Also, we can conduct test purchases to identify areas of poor compliance and provide recommendations. Moreover, we have investigative services for clients that have suffered losses internationally.